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Chapter Teams
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The success of every great event depends upon more than one person. Your help is essential. The Chapter consists of several hundred members and in order to provide the wonderful educational programs and events, teams are necessary to assist the Board. There are tasks of all sizes to fit your busy schedule, some activities are one-time events, some are on-going, some occur in different times of the year, some just need a person to make phone calls, write an article, or greet attendees at a registration table. Below are the list of teams and the respective chairperson. Read the descriptions below, contact the chairperson(s) for more information and say “Yes!” to meeting new people, making our Chapter better, and enriching your life! 



Members serving on the Business Partner Team assist in planning the Chapter's Bi-annual Educational Conference and Business Partner Expo; speak with business partners about sponsorship and advertising opportunities; publicize and promote the Chapter to the legal and business partners community; and obtain business partner sponsorship for educational events. This team is important to the success of the Chapter as the sponsorships enable funding for speakers, scholarships and other events. Be a part of this team and learn how valuable our business partners are to the Chapter.

Kat Denk    Tel: 312.698.5035
Joann Pichla    Tel: 847-509-7700



The CLM Team coordinates the Chicago CLM Study Group which includes development of the study curriculum, study materials, securing speakers, scope of study sessions, access to group study resources, analysis of best practices for group’s success, establishing fees and stipends for study group members and hosting group study sessions throughout the group’s curriculum.

Rita Nielsen, CLM   Tel: 312.201.2220
Barbara Javorcic, CLM
   Tel: 312.236.3003
Laura Sears, CLM   Tel: 312.322-.980
Karen Kirby, CLM   Tel: 312.322.1980
Viktor Kaufmann, CLM   Tel: 312.281.1109
Natalie Mazzuca, CLM   Tel: 312.201.6429




The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team strives to foster inclusion by creating an awareness and appreciation for the value of diverse perspectives and people in all aspects of the legal profession. This team is responsible for providing the educational resources, programming and training necessary to support our members in the recruitment, retention and development of a diverse workforce.  Our commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion extends beyond our membership to include our business partners, vendors, and the overall legal community.

Maria Black   Tel: 312.558.1259
Tracey Nobis   Tel: 630.252.4033
Edith Valdes   Tel: 312.281.1113




The Membership Team focuses on recruiting new members, enhancing the welcome experience for new members, increasing involvement and engagement among existing members, and working to increase diverse representation across the membership. In addition to playing a vital role in shaping the chapter’s membership experience, the team prepares Member Spotlight Profiles for the bi-monthly newsletter and assists with various membership drives for new members and renewals.

General Inquiries    Tel: 312.667.0880
Maria Black    Tel: 312.558-1259
Donna Johnson   Tel: 312-517-9223
Sheri Lawrence   Tel: 312.821.6117 




This is your opportunity to assist in the preparation of our award-winning newsletter! Team members can write articles; interview members and business partners; take pictures of Chapter meetings, activities and events; assist in editing and proofreading; and ensure that all ALA and Chapter events are advertised. If being involved in getting the latest ALA news out to the membership interests you, this is the team for you.

Betsy Kopczynski    Tel: 312.499.1475
Phillip Crivellone   Tel: 312.456.3456          
Kat Denk    Tel: 312.602.5035
Maria Frias-Lopez    Tel: 312.422.9239
Michelle Howe   Tel: 312.569.1804
Jane Klenck    Tel: 312.662.4662



This team is responsible for offering education for the Chapter. The Professional Development Director works with Advisors specific to firm size or category (Small/Mid-size firm, Large Firm, Secretarial Management, Operations/Communications, Finance, Human Resources, and Legal Industry/Business) to assist in determining education topics of interest for our members, identifying motivating and enlightening speakers, and planning and coordinating the logistics. Team members also assist with the Bi-Monthly Chapter Luncheons, Law Firm Leaders Event, various round-tables, and pop-up sessions.  Every other year, this team works alongside the Special Events committee to plan topics and speakers for the Bi-Annual Educational Conference. Being a part of the professional development team is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys networking, event planning, and growing firm leaders in our industry.

Suzie Florez, CLM   Tel: 312.422.9967
Patsy Carey   Tel: 312.499.6714
Michael Hill   Tel: 312.228.4527
Linda Hsu, CLM   Tel: 312.463.1000
Patti Lopez   Tel: 708.915.0689
Michael Motyka   Tel: 312.423.3466
Laura Sears, CLM   Tel: 312.899.1660



Team members assist in the design and review of the Chapter's annual compensation survey, bi-annual benefits survey and any other opinion surveys for members and business partners. They also encourage others to participate in the various surveys, including phone calls, emails, and announcements at meetings. Surveys are an important way for the Chapter to determine if the needs of the members and business partners are being met.

General Inquires    Tel: 312-667-0880
Barb Javorcic    Marshall Gerstein    
Hilary Bingle    Kirkland   
Doug Conomy   Barnes Thornburg 
Larry Fujara   Pattishall 
Robert Karnia   Burke Warren 
Lisa Murphy   Seyfarth 
Rita Nielsen   Locke Lord 
Ana Parada   Funkhouser 
Cheryl Pavlecic   Schiff Hardin 
Linda Stepney   Benesch Law 
Sheri Stone   Aronberg Goldgehn 
Stephanie Storkel   Pedersen & Houpt 
Bruce Weisseg