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Legal Levity - The Silver Lining [4/30/20]

Wednesday, April 29, 2020  
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I’m sure none of us ever envisioned experiencing a pandemic like this in our lifetime. Outbreaks of fatal diseases and financial calamities of this magnitude were things our parents, grandparents, or distance relatives lived through and told us about to scare us or to convince us how good we have it. My Dad, who grew up during the Depression, never stopped saving every scrap of anything that was useful and even in his 90’s he would wander through the alley behind his house to see if there was anything salvageable to drag home. He told me stories of my grandfather who was a skilled shoemaker in Austria, but who could only find work as a day laborer here once the market collapsed.  


These are, indeed, frightening and challenging times. And for those of us with young children (or surly teenagers) at home are finding it exceptionally challenging to keep them engaged, calm their fears, and still put in some semblance of a full day’s work from home. As the walls close in, and the time we are stuck at home drags on, we find it hard to think there will ever be a time when life is back to normal and we can resume our frantic pace of running to and from work, shopping, sporting events, church and school activities, plays, restaurants, the homes of friends and relatives, and myriad other activities. 


But the silver lining in all of this is the simplicity that life has taken on, even amidst all the chaos and challenges of trying to work from home, keep our firms alive, stay healthy, and keep food in our refrigerators and toilet paper in our bathrooms. At least in my life, it has helped me put things in perspective, slow down, and appreciate life’s little blessings, when so much around me is out of control. My silver linings include: 


  • Watching the buds emerge on the tree outside my window. Yay spring! 

  • Seeing the spring flowers begin to emerge on my daily early-morning walks. 

  • Working jigsaw puzzles for the first time in years. 

  • Sharing daily meals with my husband and daughter. 

  • Enjoying a daily mid-morning break when my husband brings me tea and homemade banana bread or similar treat served on fine china. (Yes, best husband ever.) 

  • Playing board games which lay forgotten in the closet. 

  • Having weakly video chats with my family. 

  • Having so much more time in my day without the commute downtown. 

  • Catching up on all of those home do-it-yourself projects which we kept putting off because we were always too busy. (The house is really starting to look nice!) 

  • Catching up on sleep. 

  • Realizing that nothing is more important than the health of your loved ones. 

  • Learning that it is actually possible to go paperless. 

  • Reconnecting through the lost art of letter writing and sending greeting cards. 

  • Having a new appreciation for friends I am now not able to see. 

  • Realizing what a luxury it will seem to eat in a restaurant again or just gather with others. 

  • Knowing I will never take toilet paper for granted again. 

  • Being incredibly grateful for healthcare workers as well as grocery store and pharmacy workers. 


What are your silver linings?