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How to Post a Position

The Greater Chicago Chapter website is open to the public; therefore, all postings of positions-available can be viewed by the public.  All positions must be submitted via the position posting portal below.

Postings are free for firms that employ a member of the GCC.  (Click here to learn about becoming a member of the GCC.)  There is a $100 administrative fee (plus a nominal transaction fee for those wishing to pay by credit card) for postings submitted by firms that do not employ a member of the GCC.  You will receive an invoice upon submission of your job ad.

Blind/Anonymous postings can be placed by simply filling in the word “Confidential” in the fields that you wish to keep discrete.  For contact information, you will be responsible for setting up your own alternative/blind e-mail address for responses. 

All postings have a 60-day run and will be removed after 60 days. 

Postings are generally posted within two business days of submission. 

For questions about the Chapter's the Job Bank, or to remove a posting prior to the end of its 60-day run, please contact Ana Parada at aparada@fvldlaw.com.

Post a position